Association of Women Entrepreneurs in Bulgaria – Selena was established by female entrepreneurs, professionals and scientists who joined forces in early 2007. Their goal was to establish mutual professional relations between Bulgarian and international specialists from Bulgaria, Italy and other European countries. The transfer of know-how, knowledge transfer and exchange of experience continue to be among the leading tasks and the objectives of the association to this day. This is the first organization of its kind to help and assist women in business, which aims to support women’s entrepreneurship and development of women’s ideas in Bulgaria.

In the first years after its founding, “Selena” organized the 1st, 2nd and 3th International Forum for Women’s Entrepreneurship, that bring together under one roof professionals from over 10 European countries. They share their experiences, research and good practices. That helps thousands of Bulgarian women to gain confidence and, most importantly, to find support and new business partners abroad. Through international projects and in cooperation with its rich network of international contacts, ¨Selena¨ provides support to Bulgarian women entrepreneurs for their professional improvement and business development at every stage of their growth. The Association maintains an active dialogue with different institutions in order to help improve entrepreneurship legislation. One of the main activities of the Association as well is to conduct leadership trainings for future women leaders.

Our strength is our team! ¨Selena¨ consists of professionals with different knowledge and experience. Through this interaction, we aim to open up opportunities for the development of the Bulgarian economy at international level and to provide support for female entrepreneurs.

¨Selena¨ works in cooperation with agencies, ministries, regions and institutions to implement different projects: trainings and modernization; virtual business incubators for start-up entrepreneurs; public-private partnership and development of female entrepreneurship; monitoring, research and promotion of entrepreneurial values; scholarships, internships and seminars.

Our goals are:

  • To connect female entrepreneurs from different areas of business and professional experience;
  • To create new opportunities for women’s professional growth and recognition;
  • To ensure access to information on events related to women’s entrepreneurship and business development;
  • To maintain the already established contacts for sustainable business development and mutual assistance;
  • To develop business skills and strengthen the knowledge in female entrepreneurs;
  • To reduce gender inequality in the business environment;

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