Why should I become a member?


The Association of Women Entrepreneurs in Bulgaria “Selena” aims to support any lady who:

  • Has her own business or plan to set up one;
  • Managers or members of the management board of companies that make management decisions;
  • Scientists, representatives of scientific or entrepreneurial organizations with an interest in the field of female entrepreneurship;

At “Selena” you will find a society of like-minded people, support and information about your business ventures in Bulgaria, and why not the necessary information on how to expand your business abroad.

Currently, the Association includes more than 70 ladies with a variety of diverse businesses – from branch organizations to micro and small businesses in the field of services and products.

Becoming a member of “Selena” will permit you an access to all projects and initiatives of the organization, the opportunity to regularly inform the members about your activities and current news. You will be also part of a supportive environment where all the members of the Association will help you develop your business.

If you would like to receive more information and you are considering applying for membership with us, you would need to know first a few important things, namely:

  1. To become our member, you will need a recommendation/ invitation from another member of the Association by phone or in writing.
  2. Fill in the Membership Application Form
  3. Your application will be reviewed and discussed by the Board of Directors of the Association after which you will be notified regarding the status of your membership.
  4. We will contact you within ten days in order to have a brief conversation with you and to answer any questions that have arisen. At this point, we would like to find out more about your activity and the support you need.
  5. After paying the annual membership fees, you will become a member of the Association and will start to take advantage of the benefits of the membership with us.

What are the benefits of the membership?

  • Free participation in all the events of the Association;
  • Free participation in “Breakfast business meetings” organized at “Selena”, where you can share contacts with other business owners;
  • Support and information regarding up-to-date entrepreneurship news;
  • Discount for participation in partner and member events of the Association;
  • Sharing contacts and special discounts and conditions with all over 70 business ladies, who are part of “Selena”;
  • Discounts on events organized by partners of the Association;
  • Promoting your business through our channels in order to reach to a wider audience;
  • Internationalization of your business ideas, searching for business partners abroad;
  • Business card with professional photo, text shaping and positioning of your business in Selena’s business network;
  • Participation in projects of the Association for consideration, through the activity of your company;
  • Creation of a video business card;
  • From 5 up to 15% discount on paid trainings for the members of “Selena”;